Our Team Rules

Guiding principles that define our culture and drive our success

Team Rule

Love what de do

At Lightscape, passion drives our work. We are committed to delivering exceptional lighting solutions because we genuinely love what we do.

Team Rule


Trust forms the foundation of our team. We trust each other's expertise, judgment, and dedication to excellence, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

Team Rule


Clear and open communication is key to our success. We prioritize effective communication channels to ensure transparency, alignment, and understanding among team members.

Team Rule


Honesty is non-negotiable in our team culture. We uphold the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all our interactions, both internally and with our clients, to build trust and credibility.

Our Team

We Have Come
Together to Create

Rohit Kumbhat

We run the company eager to pursue the original philosophy, also combining it with innovation. We began with experimenting with Myriad Designing upholding the promise of uncompromised quality

Rohan Kumbhat

Achieving the highest customer satisfaction by providing lighting solutions which are energy efficient with a good design is our mission and goal

Chirag Kumbhat

Innovation is the essence of our heritage. We constantly push boundaries to create contemporary products and designs which are inspired by architectural trends &advancing technologies

Khameer Shah

Our projects span across a host of spaces -from offices to educational institutions, hospitality, banking to retail projects.Every project that we undertake is unique with its own set of challenges and requirements

Vasanth Jain

A firm believer of this new wave of technology connecting devices, people and places, we have ventured into the domain of intelligent lighting, and are gradually making our presence felt.

Vishal Jain

We have the capability to create custom solutions by modifying design, material or finish. Each product is supported with photometric verification to help you with your light planning.